High As Mike

Join Mike on a journey of discovery around Australia showcasing the trials and tribulations of patients using and seeking to use Medicinal Cannabis.

Mike has a brain tumour. As such, Mike’s journey is very much a typical patient journey, looking for answers to life & death questions.

Travelling from Tamworth in NSW, Mike’s journey takes him to all corners of Australia in search of answers.

The documentary reveals patient testimonies with a broad range of medical conditions. Expert opinions and results from all sides of the Medicinal Cannabis debate form a balanced perspective of the current situation patients are facing.

Riding on a wave of realisation that a large majority of Australians are suffering and in pain, Mike is compelled to uncover the truth as he chats with patients that have already embarked on the same life-changing journey. Discussions with Politicians, doctors, lawyers, licensed growers and black market operators, see Mike struggling to make sense of current rules and regulations.

Mikes Journey will have you laughing, crying and…




75 mountain bikers and 10 volunteers, make their way from the beautiful NSW costal town of Woolgoolga back to the city of Tamworth.  See how they bond together like a family and share some incredible personal stories of heartache, courage, strength and determination. All while raising $117,000 for the life saving Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. 


Experience the generosity of the local communities, volunteers and the riders. Some of which have been touched by this incredible rescue service.

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After more than 25 years as the world’s most popular instrumental recording artist, Richard Clayderman talks about his life, success and passions for the first time in an exclusive interview recorded in Australia.

This official record contains behind the scenes footage never seen before of Richard’s childhood, international tours and family life.





David Suchet narrates this two-part documentary that journeys through Greece, uncovering the locations used in the world’s bestselling book - the Bible.


Dr Michael Scott, a historian of Ancient Greece, documents the destinations that formed the backdrop of the early days of Christianity. In part one, uncover the country’s ruins and historical sites, as we travel to such ancient cities as Athens, Thessaloniki, Phillipi and Delphi.


Climb atop the Acropolis in Greece’s capital city where we discover the winding ways of the Agora, and follow Paul’s journey to the northern port of Neapolis (modern day Kavala), through the ancient cities of Greece and into Europe in this captivating account of Greece’s living history.


The World Of Popstars Special (Part 1/3)
The World Of Popstars Special (Part 1/3)
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The World Of Popstars Special (Part 2/3)
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A behind the scenes look at the international world of PopStars. From the UK to the USA, Germany and beyond we see the laughter and the tears as budding Popstars try to make the big time.